Penn Yan Man to Play Role in Discovery’s “Amish Mafia”

Amish Mafia

Yes, you read that right. Discovery Channel will air the series premier of “Amish Mafia” on Wednesday, December 12 at 9pm, with a sneak peak on Tuesday, 12/11 at 10:30pm. A number of local Penn Yanners reported they recognized Jolin Zimmerman in the trailer. The show was filmed in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and features four men–Levi, Alvin, Jolin, and John. Jolin is described as a “Mennonite foot soldier” in Discovery’s description of the show, and is the blond-haired man wielding a shotgun in the show’s official trailer (identified in this NY Post article).

I’m having a hard time figuring out if this is for real, and I don’t think I’m alone. lists Amish Mafia as Reality TV, although the show has been described as a “fraudulent lie” in an article on Actually every public opinion I read about the show is negative. Here’s a story from Lancaster’s local ABC affiliate (with video).

What do you think? Is it real? Is it fake? I wish I knew!

—-UPDATE 12/10/12—-

Here are a few additional promo videos from the show, which premiers this week.


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10 Responses to “Penn Yan Man to Play Role in Discovery’s “Amish Mafia””

  1. Oh Meredith, I hope this does not make it to the market. I can not believe that the Amish would hire others to take revenge. I can see others hiring people to scare the Amish away because of their intolerance. I am not sure how this will present the Amish and if the Mennonites will be confused with them.

  2. I was watching the show and I see that Jolin’s truck is registered in New York State (expires 2/14 to be exact). I think that further strengthens that fact he is from NY.

    • Jolin is in fact from NY, from py, He used to date a Cousin of mine and go up to the house all the time on the outside of py going toward geneva/dresden way.

  3. I never heard of Dresden,NY…. Where is that? Is that a Mennonite community in Dresden?

    • Dresden is on the West side of Seneca Lake, in Yates County. Between Geneva and Watkins Glen. Small town, but it’s not a “Mennonite community”.


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