Handmade Silver Finger Lakes Pendant on etsy.com (and more Finger Lakesy Jewelry)

Finger Lakes Map Necklace in Silver-PMC-GLACIAL MOVEMENT

I’m not a big jewelry person, but lately browsing etsy.com for Finger Lakesy stuff I have found so much really interesting jewelry that I want you to see.

Pictured above is Hannah Hoffman‘s Finger Lakes Map Necklace on etsy.com ($65).  Below, you’ll see handcrafted wine bottle pendants that are… wait for it… made from recycled wine bottles! These run $30 a piece on etsy.com.


Recycled wine bottle necklace on leather cord - ICE WINE in AQUA

Check out some other favorites from Hannah’s LakeToLake etsy store: (click the photo to see it on etsy.com)

upcycled wine bottle necklace on leather   silver seneca lake necklace seneca drumskeuka lake necklace in silver crooked


Would you mind brainstorming with me? I'm launching a 2015 calendar - which style would you be into?

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