State of the Blog Report, a Story, and a Favor


I was perusing Instagram a couple of weeks ago, when I came across a photo that made me “OMG” right out loud. (Psst. the Favor part I mention in the title is at the end, and if you want to skip all this, just scroll on down. Thanks!) Somewhere around 5 years ago, I thought: […]

Moon Lapse: Short and Sweet

Moonrise Over Keuka -

Moon Lapse? It should say Moon Rise but Moon Lapse sounded intriguing so I left it. :) In July, I spent some time at my Aunt and Uncles cottage on Keuka Lake. It’s short and sweet… which inspires me to shoot a longer one of the same scene. Next summer, perhaps. Click here to view […]

I have the SECRET Key to the Finger Lakes

I have been bad at the blogging thing this year. I’ve just been busy. Lousy excuse, I know. But truly… I have been busy. I’m not complaining, just saying. I’ve been a self-employed freelance web designer since 2008. I’ve been full time employed the last year and a half, but still accepted freelance projects on […]

Exclusive Giveaway: Preserve Your Prized Possessions [plus discount code]

Let me tell you about one of my favorite treasures of all time. Actually, let me show you. I have been fascinated with family history ever since I am across a box of old photos in high school. I mean… Really old photos. Like, “the turn of the century” old (the first mass-marketed camera [the […]

Krossin’ Keuka Round 2 (TOMORROW!)

Krossin' Keuka 2014 -

I posted this on my personal Facebook today, but I thought it would be fitting to share it here as well. But first, let me explain my attached image. That’s me on the left. I’m going to wear my GoPro all morning, beginning to end. It will be set to Time Lapse, and should make […]

#PYSTRONG fundraiser update [plus: STICKERS!]

I want to fill you on the latest news from the #PYSTRONG T-shirt/hoodie fundraiser, but first – I’m happy to announce that Katie Smith is the winner of the Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival tickets. She chose On The Town as her show of choice. Congratulations Katie Smith! (And stay tuned for another giveaway on the site very […]

2014 Finger Lakes Musical Theater Festival Kicks Off

Tell me the truth. You didn’t know there was a Musical Theater Festival in the Finger Lakes, did you? I did! Finger Lakes Musical Theatre Festival is the actually largest producing musical theatre organization in New York state… outside of New York City (of course).  I’ve heard about the great shows, but I’ve never been to […]

Heart Penn Yan T-Shirt Sales to Benefit Flood Relief (and a Progress Report)

#PYSTRONG T's and Hoodies

Update 5/30/14: Well it’s been two solid weeks of selling shirts and hoodies. Here’s a status update: We have made a profit of $6000! That’s 276 orders, and over 500 shirts/hoodies. We have overwhelmed our friendly little neighborhood T-shirt shop but we’ll be scurrying to make sure everyone get’s their order in a timely fashion. Let’s […]