Design Reveal – Finger Lakes Photo Calendar [2015]

It’s starting to get real you guys. I even did a little recon mission today but first I can’t wait to show you the mockup. I polled you over the last couple weeks and asked what style calendar to do and the results are clear… You’d rather have a wall calendar! Here’s a mockup I put […]

Take A Drive With Me… and watch as my GoPro flies off my car

Take a Ride with me in the Finger Lakes

It was a great idea in theory. I have a super suction-y suction cup mount for my GoPro camera. I have a sun roof. It’s a beautiful time of year here in the Finger Lakes. I’d stick the GoPro on there and let er’ rip on my gorgeous morning drive to work. It worked wonderful. […]

7 Things you Probably Don’t know about Hot Air Ballooning in the Finger Lakes

Hot Air Ballooning in the Finger Lakes

I am a little bit fascinated with hot air balloons. I don’t know- maybe it’s the vibrant colors, or maybe it’s the whole defying the laws of gravity thing. They’re just mesmerizing. And also a little bit terrifying. I’ve ridden in a tethered balloon before, but that’s it. If you follow me on social, you […]

We Drove through a Waterfall at Fillmore Glen State Park

Confession: For me, blogging is an excuse to go out and do fun stuff, explore my “backyard”, and play with my camera. I am intentional about exploring the Finger Lakes because I regret not exploring more of the other amazing places I have lived. I always procrastinated and thought “I’ll go do that sometime… but […]

My Unexpected Grape Harvest Adventure

Grape Harvest 2014 - (FF 25% Just Changing) -

If you follow me on Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter), you know I posted a photo from a grape harvester on Saturday. If that sounds random to you, it totally was. Harvesting (anything) is not usually in my weekend plans, and riding on a harvester isn’t even on my bucket list (it is now, just […]

FLX Wienery – A MUST Visit Restaurant in the Finger Lakes


I have been meaning to write a post about the Wienery all summer. What’s the delay? Burgers, the wieners, fries, chips, malt shakes, and  fried cheese curds. You know… research. FLX Wienery is a brand new restaurant (opened in late Spring) on Route 14 on the West side of Seneca Lake. Technically, it’s a Dundee address […]

State of the Blog Report, a Story, and a Favor


I was perusing Instagram a couple of weeks ago, when I came across a photo that made me “OMG” right out loud. (Psst. the Favor part I mention in the title is at the end, and if you want to skip all this, just scroll on down. Thanks!) Somewhere around 5 years ago, I thought: […]

Moon Lapse: Short and Sweet

Moonrise Over Keuka -

Moon Lapse? It should say Moon Rise but Moon Lapse sounded intriguing so I left it. :) In July, I spent some time at my Aunt and Uncles cottage on Keuka Lake. It’s short and sweet… which inspires me to shoot a longer one of the same scene. Next summer, perhaps. Click here to view […]

I have the SECRET Key to the Finger Lakes

I have been bad at the blogging thing this year. I’ve just been busy. Lousy excuse, I know. But truly… I have been busy. I’m not complaining, just saying. I’ve been a self-employed freelance web designer since 2008. I’ve been full time employed the last year and a half, but still accepted freelance projects on […]